Output of Ed Mirza

Ed Mirza is creative in a variety of disciplines, including classical and pop singing, painting, and writing.

In his painting he produces a symbolically based series of pictures, with themes based on history, literature, mythology, and cultural critique.  He also produces portraiture.

He is trained in operatic singing, but sings a wide range of music, including most pop.

His Novel ‘The English Novel’ – excerpts of which may be read here, consists of a comical absurdist adventure story which is also a keen political critique on the limitations of the Education curriculum in England, and how this, through it’s limited and incomplete quality, and 3 tiered organisation system, continues to create a strong sense of a class tiered society (and hence the need for a left right polarity in England)

Accompanying this novel is a self education portal, which offers a short cut to an education superior to that of any public school or state school, free of charge, and in the shortest time possible, and for people of all ages from about 16 upwards.

You can purchase limited edition lithographs, as part of your art collection, or commission works from this site.



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